Feature Walkthrough

With retailbeanlite, you can manage your Point of Sales (POS) effectively with simple easy steps. No confusion- No compromises. Dashboards and Reports are Realtime and can access from anywhere. Walkthrough the simple POS process below.


1.Start POS session

(opening a counter for operation)


Start your POS session for a day, everyday when you open your counter for that day.  If you have multiple counter opted for, can open a session for each counter.   Each counter can be mapped to a POS user, who will be doing the billing process.   Also enter the Cash balance when you start the counter

Start POS session
Start POS session

2.POS invoicing


For each counter user can access different POS terminals, and can start invoicing.    For ease of use, Retailbeanlite POS invoice screen has either touch based entry or Barcode scan or keyboard entry to add items to the invoice.


POS-Payment Options

Collection of amount while invoicing is made easy, with different payment options.  Just choose from different type of payment options.

Start POS session
Start POS session

3. Closing your POS Session

(counter closing)


At the end of the day, each counter opened, should be closed .  This is the best practice to be followed, that you can analyse the transaction in deep.   While closing a session, the counter staff has to enter the closing cash balance, that you can compare with the actual collection.


POS-Session Summary

Once closed you can view the Session summary , with all the invoices done on that day along with few required data on consolidated payment method and products sold

Start POS session
Start POS session

4.POS dashboard

Dashboards are a perfect tool to view the data in visually rich form.   POS dashboards in retailbean will give you a clear understanding on how your sales is progressing, on what products, what time usually transaction is happening, comparison with different stores etc.,


5. Intelligently manage your Repeat customers

Retailbean has got the capability to manage the repeat business.   At the end of the sales invoice generation, your system can prompt you to set an alert after few days, that the system will send an alert to the customer or show it to you on your screen.

Start POS session

6. POS – reports  

At the end of each day and you can evaluate your sales data from the pre-formatted reports provided at retailbeanlite.  


7. Sales Alerts

Retailbeanlite has got the capability to alert intelligently – on different predefined scenarios to the business owner or the customer .   Eg: if you want to send an SMS to each customer as soon as an invoice is generated to them, you can do that.  or the business owner need a daily SMS alert on the Days consolidated sales or weekly sales, you can do that too.