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Social selling With RetailbeanLite

Americans spend three times as much time on social networking sites as they do reading email (7.6 percent of online time is spent reading email, while 23 percent is spent on social). Even more eye opening is the revelation that 70 percent of social users shop online. In other words, your online customers are waiting for you on social networking sites. You simply have to find ways to monetize this reality. (Source - According to a Nielson report on social media,)

This makes it clear that, social media sites are the happening place right now, and we help you to make utilise the same to maximum. Showcase your products sell through social media. Take for an Example- Facebook. With RetailbeanLite, you can manage your physical store operation as well as selling through facebook in an easy and simple way. You dont need to be a tech geek, just do it simply.

See the following Infographics which shows
how easy it is to sell products through Facebook with RetailbeanLite.