Powerful Retail Solution on Cloud
For Beauty salon owners to stay informed on realtime

You are a single Beauty salon owner or the owner of a chain of Beauty salons, Retailbeanlite is for you. Retailbeanlite offers you a right
solution to manage your entire product and inventory data in one place that you can have a realtime view on cloud at any time. Customer
data is store and managed on cloud, which will help you to manage your customer relationship, even if the customer is availing the services
from your branches located in different places .

Your system understands your customers and help you to serve them better according to your preferences. Also you can set different auto alert
system to remind the customer on their next schedule , that you can make sure that customer is delighted with your services.
If you are growing fast, its easy to add stores in the system with simple click of buttons. Automatically allocate all your products and services
to all your stores.

If you manage inventory, you can manage the process starting from product receipt from supplier till the payment against the same. You can
also manage product transfer between stores, that will help you to manage your non-moving or slow moving products.


Engage your customers with RetailbeanLite

Checkout how you can engage your customers and increase customer satisfaction

RetailbeanLite can automatically trigger alert to customer on a future date reminding about the next
purchase. Want to test this feature on real-time ? See the below steps

If the product, customer wants to purchase is currently out of stock,
save the request and automatically inform him as soon as the stock arrives. Increase business and customer satisfaction
See the below steps

Show that you value your customers by sending Thank you SMS after each purchase.
See the below steps

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