Cloud Retail Software For
Mobile Shops
1.Easy POS Billing

Are you running a mobile shop or chain of stores ? if yes, RetailbeanLITE can help you manage your business in an easy way no matter you sell mobile phones or mobile asscories. Retailbeanlite is a simple to use cloud based software, which will help you to manage your POS/ inventory , customers etc., and you can sell all the data real time

What you can expect from Retailbeanlite-for a mobile shop ?

Easy POS Billing

POS billing made easy with cloud billing of Mobiles and Accessories
Start each day fresh with easy to use POS billing section. RetailbeanLite POS billing section for Fashion apparels is equipped, POS receipt printing, POS return , Customer mapping to each invoice , Discount management etc., Even you can accommodate this in your Touch screen Kiosk or TAB.


Mobile IMEI serial number tracking in billing and inventory

Selling mobile devices ? its important that you manage the IMEI number of the gadget -that you can track it in future interactions with the customer. RetailbeanLite can manage the IMEI number of each and every mobile device which is been purchased and sold by your mobile store. contact us for more details.


Inventory managment - Barcode based inventory

Its imperative for all Mobile retail stores to manage their inventory intact. Retailbeanlite retail solution for fashion retailres is coming with inventory module, where you can manage purhcase from differnt suppliers to add it to stock. When invoicing automatically inventory got reduced and will alert you to give some useful realtime data like Slow moving iteme, out of stock items, Dead moving items etc.,


Social selling

Sell your products through facebook / instagram /whats app
Have you ever thought it would be great to sell products in Facebook ? now with RetailbeanLite, you can just push your products to Facebook and start selling through Facebook. See how easy it is to sell through Facebook


Loyalty management

You can run your own loyalty programs for your frequent customers. just register for a package in RetailbeanLITE with Loyalty attached to it, you can offer loyalty points to your valued customers.


Customer engagement

Retialbeanlite Mobile Shops retail solution is equipped with many useful features – Next purchase reminder, which can automatically trigger next purchase alert set for a future date, Thank you SMS after each invoice generation etc.,


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