Cloud Retail software for Fashion apparel stores

Sales,Inventory and Customer Engagement tools for Fashion apparels

Apparel Business is one of the most dynamic retail business. Especially because it deals with fashion and trend which changes very frequently. Managing this dynamic situation is the biggest challenge for any apparel retail owners. Inventory and sales need to be tracked closely that your profitability is been tracked every moment. It is imperative that, as a retail owner, you get real-time data on your fingertips that you can keep optimum inventory in each store. Also, its the need of the hour to know more about your customer and treat them accordingly.

By implementing Retailbeanlite, your customers will also get delighted, because you can treat each customer differently as they like, depending on the how premium your customers is.

RetailbeanLITE is equipped with much needed features for any Fashion and apparel retailers. A comprehensive Product management system which can manage multiple variants is one of the unique features. For Eg., you can easily create and manage same brand of product, which comes in different sizes, and different colour and get the report accordingly.
Another very useful features is – Bespoke Tailoring on cloud . Does your Fashion retail outlet handles stitching and tailoring too ? No problem. RetailbeanLITE is Equipped with Tailoring order management and printing job card to the tailors for easy tracking of your order. You can even alert the customer after the tailoring job is done.
Know more about the features of RetailbeanLITE for fashion and apparel retailing

Features for Fashion and Apparel Retailing

Point of Sale

Register / Counters

Product discount

Flexible product rates

Credit note

Cash discount

Customer credit

GST enabled ( for india)

ROL alert @ POS

Barcode Scanning

360 degree view of customer data.

Sales staff mapping to sales


Offline POS mode.





Import Products

Purchase discount

Stock return

Physical count

Stock transfer

Store issue / Receipt

Wastage / damage entry

Slow moving / non moving items




Supplier invoice

Supplier payment

Supplier ledger

Accounts payable

Supplier reports



Product Management

Multi tier product management

Barcode management


HSN code

GST feature

Variant management

Product wise discount

Product import / export

Mass tax update



Bespoke Tailoring

Set bespoke products /services / catalogues

Add Measurements

Previous measurement mapping to customer

Manage Tailoring task

Tailor – job work card printing

Ready for delivery alerts




360 degree view of customer

CRM data management

Receivable management

Customer ledger

Customer loyalty

Communication modules



Customer Engagement

Next purchase reminders

Next arrival alert




Simple pricing. No credit card required




  • One store

  • 1 counter

  • 2 user

  • Basic Inventory management

  • Customer management

  • Small business reporting

  • POS dashboard

  • 1000 SKUs






  • All features in Starter Pack

  • Unlimited SKUs

  • Cloud POS

  • Products and services management

  • Bespoke Tailoring module

    * Ready for delivery alerts
    * Job order printing
    * TASK management
    * Advance receipts management
  • Advanced pricing / Discount management

  • Supplier management

  • Accounts payable

  • Accounts receivables

  • Inventory dashboards

  • Customer engagement tools

  • Business workflows




Omni channel retail solution for retailers with more than 10 Exclusive branded outlets , planning to have Ecommerce or have some Franchise stores.

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