Cloud Retail software for Beauty and spa
Sales, Inventory and Customer engagement tools for Beauty SPAs

You might be running a Spa or Med spa or Yoga studios or Fitness studios. Running SPA in a well structured manner is not that easy. If its mismanaged it is costing you time, money and customers.

Start your day with a Appointment Scheduler and mange your business process in easy steps.


Its easy to manage your bookings at your SPA or Salon. Scheduler will be your landing page, and where you can manage all your appointments. Manage your new customers as well as your returning customers.

Fix appointment

Select the services which your customers has asked for, and you can specify, which staff is going to attend this customer. Once your customer availed the service, just come to the same calendar, select the specific appointment for that customer, and mark as completed.

Generate Invoice

Once the task is over, From there itself, generate the Invoice. With a single click of a button.

Realtime dashboards

See how your business performs from dashboard from anywhere.

Just leave all the business process to be managed by Retailbean lite, and you can focus on your core business. Retailbean lite will help you to understand on your inventory status, Counter sales, Customer life time value. It can even help you by sending some intelligent auto messages, which will let you know more about your business on a daily basis.

By implementing Retailbeanlite, your customers will also get delighted, because you can treat each customer differently as they like, depending on the how premium your customers is.

Engage your customers with RetailbeanLite

Checkout how you can engage your customers and increase customer satisfaction

RetailbeanLite can automatically trigger alert to customer on a future date reminding about the next
purchase. Want to test this feature on real-time ? See the below steps

If the product, customer wants to purchase is currently out of stock,
save the request and automatically inform him as soon as the stock arrives. Increase business and customer satisfaction
See the below steps

Show that you value your customers by sending Thank you SMS after each purchase.
See the below steps


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