Sales Sales

Point of Sales
Easy to use POS for your Retail store in Touch mode or conventional mode. Generate sales quickly.
Sales Return
Return of sold product is always a headache when managing the stock and sales. Now you can easily manage Sales return.
POS Session Management
Manage your Counter staff activities with opening a new session and let them close after each session to know the session summary
Credit Note Generation
Once the Sold product is returned, easily generate credit note and set it off against next purchase. Its easy than you expect.
Multiple Counter @ Stores
You have a busy store, and You have more than 1 counter, no problems. Create multiple counters and assign POS staffs.
Next Purchase Date Auto Alert
Let the POS staff use some techniques to make the customer come back again. POS screen has got feature to set the next purchase auto alert to the customer.
Multi Store Sales
We know you are growing rapidly, and you have more stores now. Just create multiple stores and start managing its sales instantly.
POS Dashboard
Dashboards are the best way to view your business in a more meaningful way, and use the live dashboard to take informed decisions.
Profitability Analysis
Clear insight in to the profitability of each product you buy and sell. Also know which category of products is more profitable
Sales Operations

User and Roles management
Create multiple Roles with different access rights. Also create multiple users under each role in simple steps.
Print Settings
Create print as you like with a very easy to use interface.
Quick Lookups
Smart way to manage the commonly used parameters. Manage all the regular parameters from the back end, that users can just select and proceed.
Product Masters
Simple way to mange your complex product structures . Manage product categories and product items . Map your own Barcode or Vendor Barcode to each product.
Manage Multi Stores
Create multiple stores – and assign the activities to them. This will help you to have a consolidated view of your entire business
Product Attributes
Also set Attributes if any like Colors/ Size against each product , that system will treat them as different SKUs.
Smart Alert Settings
Provision to Enable or Disable Smart SMS or EMAIL alert to different stake holders like Customers or Business owners .
Easiest way to get started. You have the provision to import different type of Data like Product/ customers etc.,
Tax Management
Manage your own multiple taxes. Either its Sales related tax or Purchase related tax.
Sales Customer

Detailed Customer View
Store maximum information about your customers that you can use it meaningful in the future date.
360 degree view
Know what your customer meant for you. See your customer from 360 degree angle and know the Life time Value ( LTV)
Customer Ledger
Customer transaction data is valuable insight if you are planning to mine it for taking some important decisions.
CRM Data
You can set customer relationship parameters like their Birthday, Anniversary etc., that you can keep them engaged in the future by special alerts.
Accounts Receivables
A very valuable information for any business. You can have a complete view of accounts receivables at any point of time , that too real time.
Customer Dashboard
Know what your customer landscape is, which will help you to position your product according to them.
Sales Inventory

Supplier Management
Manage your suppliers efficiently. You can map different products to different suppliers that you can use the time effectively while managing Stock receipts.
Manage Stock
Define your stock with multiple parameters. You can mark a product as - stock to be managed- or not. Effective way to know your true inventory value
Stock Return
It happens many time that the products supplied to you is not up to the mark, and you return it. You can easily manage the process here.
Physical Count
Difference between book stock and actual stock is always a concern for small retailers. With this feature, you can check your product count in system against the actual one.
Damage/ Shrinkage Management
Manage and monitor your product damage history and record it for future reference.
Accounts Payable
Money payable to the suppliers is an important aspect of any retail business. Manage the payables effectively with the proper system.
Inventory Dashboard
Know where is your stock lying and what is the value of your holding stock. Get better insight in to the whole stock movement to take informed decision.
Slow moving item /Non moving item
Critical for any small retail business that you need to know which product is making you cash crunch. Manage your stock movement effectively with these reports .
Barcode Generation
Generate Barcodes on the fly with an effective barcode generation feature and print it to track your products.
Multi Location - Store Ledger
If you have multiple stores, this feature will give you visibility in to stock you hold in each store with its potential value.
Sales Smart Business Alerts

Set Thank you message on every purchase to customer
Its always good to thank a customer as a goodwill gesture. Simply turn on this feature and you are ready to go. Powerful feature to make your customer happy.
Set Next Purchase Auto Reminder
SMS - Simply make this feature active to set next purchase alert on to your POS counter staff.
Daily sales summary to the business owner by Email / SMS
Enable this feature to trigger SMS with daily consolidate sales figure to the business owner on a daily basis
Weekly sales summary to the business owner by Email
You can enable this feature to get Weekly sales summary